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By René Rosendal

The dark and shameful backlog basement

Some time ago I introduced a few things from the agile toolbox in my daily routines. I downloaded one of the many apps for creating a to-do list, which I of course immediately named “backlog”. Whenever I think of something,… Continue Reading →

Sorry, I changed my mind?

Who would have thought that playing a gig with my band is forcing us to be agile as f…? I don’t know why we keep trying, but those of us playing instruments always want to create a fixed setlist. That… Continue Reading →

Is my Project Plan too Accurate?

My first blog post in a while, but for sure not the last.. 🙂 From now on, my blog will be about my two primary professional areas – IT architecture and project management. Especially agile project management. Yes, I know… Continue Reading →

The new agile manifesto?

Admit it.. Even though you may have been working with agile for a long time, you are not able to quote the original agile manifesto. However, the three words – improvise, adapt and overcome are very descriptive. At least for… Continue Reading →

Sounds like a childhood trauma to me, dear human..

Would you ever leave your house without bringing your virtual assistant with you? Of course not. Mostly because it is built into your smartphone, either Google Assistant on Android or Siri on iPhone. However, do you ever use it for… Continue Reading →

Still Trading Like 1929?

So, what would you say the current financial trends are, when looking at this? Well, I guess you would not say much, at least based on the information from the major part of this page. And this even if the… Continue Reading →

Useful or Scary? What if they made her like this?

Useful or scary? Alexa’s new sister Patricia

If Chatbots were Bartenders

Imagine that you arrive at a friend’s house party. He proudly opens his minibar and asks you and your other friends what you would like to drink. After asking for several colorful, cheery cocktails with umbrellas, you find out that… Continue Reading →

IT-mekanikerens lod i livet

“Ja, jeg bliver nødt til at have adgang til jeres server for at kunne opgradere den…” Selv det der for IT-konsulenten kan virke som en logisk selvfølge, kan komme helt bag på andre mennesker, fordi vi arbejder med uhåndgribelige produkter…. Continue Reading →

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