So, what would you say the current financial trends are, when looking at this? Well, I guess you would not say much, at least based on the information from the major part of this page. And this even if the numbers were actually readable on the picture.

I was really surprised that newspapers still print those pages. It completely felt like walking into a time warp, and made me imagine investing before the internet era. I get the trend indicators and line charts on top of the first page, even though some colors would catch my eye even better. But then my brain needs to navigate around an insane amount of more or less related information.

This is clearly a tool to look up specific numbers, rather than receiving financial news. I hope not to offend anybody by stating that I have for sure seen finance people get comfortable receiving their numbers structured in tables. Very big tables. However, I can only imagine, that they will be interested in trends, as well.

The million-dollar question is, who the page’s target audience is. If you are a professional investor, I believe the numbers are already outdated, by the second you open the newspaper. Professional investors might get the latest numbers from their Bloomberg setup anyway. Non-professional investors might have a number of stock positions, which they follow using an app on their smartphone.

Indeed, criticizing others work is easy, so to be more constructive, if I had to redesign the page, I would separate it into sectors. Tech, medical, financial etc. Insert a few visualizations for each sector to provide the reader with instant insights followed by a few lines of text. Some might argue, that the readers do not get the pure numbers, but the newspaper’s interpreted view. However, I guess that is a part of journalism like on the other pages.

Maybe the current layout is just pure tradition and nostalgia from back in the days, where trading actually involved talking to each other, instead of looking into the screen all day long.