Some time ago I introduced a few things from the agile toolbox in my daily routines. I downloaded one of the many apps for creating a to-do list, which I of course immediately named “backlog”. Whenever I think of something, I need to do, I put it into the backlog so I don’t forget it. I created another list in the app called “sprint”. In my personal agile setup, each day is a sprint, so every morning I prioritize the backlog, and move a number of tasks from the backlog to the sprint. If I don’t get to finish all tasks within the sprint, they are going back to the backlog, to make sure I do not miss out on anything.

However, after some time, I started to see a pattern, which I am not very proud of.

Every morning when I looked at my personal backlog, it is kind of divided into 3 stages. I wanted to find out which kind of tasks would end up in the dark basement. So instead of deleting items from the backlog basement, I started moving them to a third list when they have made me feel guilty for enough time.

When I wrote the tasks that ended up in the dark basement, I have clearly been thinking, that now when I have my personal backlog, I will totally be awesome, and perform all my tasks in time. Like purchasing stuff, I don’t use that often, before I run out of it. Those tasks for some reason always end up in the dark basement. Maybe because I don’t really know when that will hit me, which makes me postpone it. I actually have to admit that once in a while things I want to do for other people actually also end up in the basement. They have the thing in common, that they don’t have a hard deadline, and that they make me feel most guilty. Last but not least, some tasks end up in the dark basement, because I am a little in doubt if they really are relevant to perform.

Note to self:

  • I don’t get more time in my life, just because I now have a personal backlog. It helps me prioritize and helps me remember tasks.
  • I do not become a better human being from having a personal backlog.
  • Instead of a backlog basement, I should create a list for backlog bobbles – tasks that could be relevant on the backlog.